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Protect your valuables with The Centurion Series by Liberty Safe! Available in 12, 18 and 24 gun safe models, each Centurion is built in America and the quality shows! Compared to other entry-level safes, the Liberty Centurion is heads and tails above the rest. For those on a budget or just getting started, the Centurion is the safe for you! Engineered to be tough, durable, and capable; these fire rated safes will get the job done!

This is a California-approved firearm security device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA 

PRICE: Starting at $499

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Centurion Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 51 customers ratings and reviews

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Great safe for the price
written by SAW on December 2, 2017
This product was within my budget, it was also exactly what I was looking for. The fact that they are made in the USA made it that more important to buy.

Top Quality !
written by Mark on November 3, 2017
Go see for yourself. Simply the best quality safe out the Made in The USA

written by vet2xx on October 5, 2017

Positive feedback for Liberty Safes
written by MB on September 8, 2017
The quality is superior. Looks great in the home interior.

nice safe
written by rascal flat on July 16, 2017
delivery was excellent, safe keeps our stuff secure

Great product, wonderful staff.
written by Emmett D. on July 5, 2017
Great Safe, I finally have the piece of mind to leave my home and be confident that my most valued items are secure.
I purchased my safe at Liberty Safe in Hubbard OR. I arrived 10 minutes early, the staff actually greeted me in the parking lot and allowed my wife and I to come on in. They answered all my questions, no pressure sales pitch, just nice friendly service.
I was very surprised when I asked about delivery, and was advised I could have it delivered to my home that afternoon. The delivery charge was a little expensive, but moving a big A@# steel box without tearing up your walls or the safe can be a tough undertaking by yourself, therefore the charge may actually be worth it. The safe arrive on time and was very professionally placed exactly where I wanted it.
The only issue would be the shelves, as they could use a little more support to keep from sagging if you are putting any amount of weight on them, I solved this problem by adding a couple of braces. Not a big issue but something to be aware of.
My career in Law Enforcement has made me very aware of the challenges an item such as this may face. Of coarse its not perfect, you'd need bank vault security to get that, but this will give a bad guy fits to try and break into and or remove, something bad guys don't want to do.
This safe is great value, if your considering a safe, you have to look at this one

Quality unsurpassed!
written by Pacific NW'r on June 18, 2017
Extremely happy with purchase of Centurion Series Safe. Top materials & construction quality and great price. The Liberty distributor staff very professional and helpful!
We totally recommend Liberty Safes!

Love this safe!
written by P. Veenker on May 27, 2017
I wanted a safe that is made in the USA, and I was not disappointed by the build quality of this safe! Everything about it is top-notch. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a quality gun safe.

Best investment ever!
written by Mr. JW on April 8, 2017
Great safe, I feel that my personal information and my firearms are very secure. Thanks Liberty!

Great Safe
written by Golf Pro on March 22, 2017
Our first safe and we are extremely happy with the product and will probably buy another larger safe in the near future from Liberty.

18 gun Centurion Series Safe
written by Joe Dirt on January 5, 2017
Great product. great to get a name brand close to the price point I started at. little more than competitors of the same size but you get what you pay for. only complaint and it is minor is the amount of play in the door when locked. probably not an issue in the higher models available. still feels secure. ill trust my belongings in it.

My First Safe
written by Mywife Lovesme on December 21, 2016
Shopped for a safe for a long time, finally decided on Liberty Safes. My wife surprised me by buying me a liberty safe for my birthday. Best present ever. The quality of my safe is superb. My peace of mind knowing my guns are safe from crooks, fire and most of all the Grandkids!

I recommend Liberty Safes to all my family and friends

written by Whitewolf97011 on November 19, 2016
Liberty is the best safe around I like the warranty the prices are reasonable they're made in the USA in the quality is excellent

Excellent Safe made in USA, Great Value
written by Joel on November 19, 2016
Great safe, versatile. Nice options and looks good.

Great sales experience
written by Teknyka on October 29, 2016
The owners of Hubbard Liberty Safe are exceptionally knowledgeable and very helpful in the purchase decision process. Highly recommended!

written by Mike on October 29, 2016

Centurian secure
written by Mike Ameele on October 18, 2016
Great safe for the money and a great dealer experience!

Lane & Kurt are Awesome!
written by D&S4LIFE on October 11, 2016
I have been looking to buy a safe for the last year. Being a first time buyer I wasn't sure where to go to buy one, so I went out and looked at the places I had seen safes before like Home Depot, Costco, Bi Mart etc. As I got more serious about buying a safe I started to dig a little deeper and that when I stumbled on LIBERTY SAFE. Thank God I did. The quality of the safes are fantastic compared to what you would be able to buy at a box store. The service has been outstanding. Lane met me at the door, asked me a couple of questions and then began to help me answer so many questions that I had about safes. If you're looking for a safe Lane is the person you need to talk to. And his dad Kurt is nothing less than AWESOME! Kurt delivered my new safe for FREE with a smile and a great attitude. He was just a helpful as Lane answering questions and getting me started with my new safe. Thank Liberty Safe.

Very pleased with safe and shopping experience
written by Happy customer on September 3, 2016
Vendor was friendly, knowledgeable and a straight shooter. I was on line following along with him while speaking over the phone. This really helped me decide on which features I needed/wanted. Didn't buy anything I really didn't need now or in the future saving me money. Delivery was great. Safe delivered 2 days later. Safe was installed upstairs quickly ans safely. Kirk was great! Love the safe and feel relieved to have my guns and valuables locked up safely away from the kids.

written by none on August 30, 2016
Great safe!

Great Customer Service
written by jymccormick on August 14, 2016
Friendly, great customer service, prompt and great communication with Liberty Safes of Oregon.

Good Deal
written by BB on July 20, 2016
I got a good deal on a centurion combo lock safe that holds up to 24 long guns. The pockets on the door are nice for hand guns and magazines. The safe is split in half and you can use either side to house your guns, by removing/moving the shelves. I fit a couple thousand rounds of ammo and the few long guns I have with plenty of space left over. The price was right and it funtions well.

Centurions form testudo!
written by JD Jones on July 19, 2016
Very nice safe. Might be one of the cheaper ones, but even then it still a very impressive. I'm able to quickly get in in case of an emergency. The little storage area on the side of the door is really nice. I'm to most of my pistols in it and still have plenty of room on the shelves for ammo and small sidearms. Plenty of room for all my rifles. I think this is a great safe for me and my living situation. I don't have a whole lot of rifles at the moment, but it will do. This safe was definitely constructed very well.

Centurian 24
written by Dan Kohler on July 16, 2016
Very good value. Great product.

Safe at last
written by Tom on July 14, 2016
Friendly helpful large variety to choose from home delivery and installation we would recommend this safe and company to anyone thank you .

written by Jack on July 14, 2016
The quality for these entry level safes is unbeatable. I would recommend this safe to anyone looking to buy a safe that holds 25 guns or less. Had a great experience with customer service and look forward to being a lifetime owner of liberty products.

Excellent safe with a good electronic lock.
written by 2fishon on June 29, 2016
Excellent safe, just pay attention to the electronic lock you are actually getting. The NL lock doesn't have the functions in the S&G lock. I originally looked at the safe with s&g lock, and picked one with nl, so it was my mistake. Otherwise it would be a five star rating.
Door is heavy, so until I bolted t down to floor, it wants to tip over.
Great safe, will buy another Liberty safe when needed. And will recommend Liberty to everyone.

Great American Product
written by David on June 11, 2016

The Perfect Place To Buy
written by Beetle143 on March 29, 2016
The safe was the correct size, the right price. and the people from Hubbard Oregon were the best, no pressure, a pleasure to visit with, and have great service whenever I call for information. It doesn't get any better than that. - THANKS *****

Centurion 12
written by D on March 5, 2016

Made to order
written by GAP on February 14, 2016
The safe looks custom made in finish and fit. We are extremely happy with Liberty's quality and selection of sizes!! We found them the best out there!

Made in USA with U.S. Steel! That Says It All!
written by LeDawg6 in Oregon on January 13, 2016

liberty revolution safe
written by Ed on December 26, 2015
5 star

Best Bang For The Buck
written by MRC jim on December 18, 2015
The title says it all. Liberty safes have the quality you pay for at a price you can afford. The best in the business from my research.

written by Safe buyer on December 5, 2015
Solid, made in USA.

Great safe
written by Happy owner on September 25, 2015
Completely satisfied with this product. Excellent quality and American made!

Great Value / Great Dealer
written by RaVaulto Rivera, Salem, Oregon on August 23, 2015
My wife and I visited the Liberty Safe Dealer Showroom in Hubbard, Oregon. The Dealer was very helpful and understood our needs and price range. There was no sales pressure to up-sell. We selected the Liberty Revolution 24 with a promotional package of a W/E Lock, three handle spinner and Interior door panel. My wife and I felt that the sales price with the promotional options was a real value. We also considered a beautiful Blue Liberty used safe with a mechanical lock that they had in stock and a next step up safe in the product line both at about +$400 than the Revolution 24 with the promotional options. The only thing the Revolution 24 doesn't have is a "shiny gold" "Liberty" on the front of the safe door, The logo on the door simply says "Liberty Safe" between two stripes. The electronic lock was easy (for my wife) to program. The dealer delivered on a Sunday and placed the Revolution 24 exactly where we wanted it in our home. The physical interior size is perfect for us. We give our Revolution 24 and the Hubbard, Oregon Dealer a Five Star recommendation.

Revolution 12
written by MADDY JOHNSON on May 16, 2015

Great product for a really great price and holy cow USA MADE
written by Dan Brando oregon on May 14, 2015
Great safe for the money ESPECIALLY considering the competion. Liberty has the best warranty using the finest materials in its price catergory and made in the United States with us made parts and labor. OUTSTANDING! I have only one complaint and that is the location I bought mine at had specials for all the revolution except for mine. The step up 24 gun and he step down 12 both had interior door panels for the regular internet advertised price for the regular one without the panel. But according to my dealer I did not get the door panel on the 18 because it was not a special one from the factory.i still paid full retail without the panel but made me feel kinda like I got taken in some way. But overall excellent fit and finish on the safe and the interior felt like it was built by true craftsman.

Best Gun Safe
written by Huntselk on February 14, 2015
Liberty safes are excellent quality. Dealership is very helpful, and delivery was quick. The layout of the safe is functional, and provides for more than enough space for storage of long guns, and important documents.

Awesome service, awesome American product.
written by Jim Shablansky on January 6, 2015
Did all my research online and by word of mouth. Read the reviews. I placed a phone order and the safe was delivered/installed the next day. Fantastic service! Great safe.

I wish I had more room
written by Sean on December 6, 2014
I am very happy with my safe. Jerry did a great job going over various models and options, delivering and installing my safe. Very professional. I especially like the electronic lock. My space for a safe is limited and the safe I purchased, while small is great (Rev 18, D Drive E Lock, Door Accessory Panel, Led lights). I just wish I had more space.

Revolution 24
written by michael on October 25, 2014

written by oregonsportsman on September 5, 2014
Great safe

Buy bigger
written by TA on August 3, 2014
Just like TV screens, bigger is better.

Great safe! Excellent size choices.
written by Greg W on April 14, 2014
I purchased the Revolution 18 to fit a closet. It is perfect and holds everything from guns to my laptop and important papers. The quality is excellent and very smooth operating. I called the Liberty Outlet in Hubbard, Oregon, and they delivered same day 50 miles north. Very good customer service. I would definitely recommend to friends and will purchase again if I ever need a larger safe. Made in the USA is a plus too! A very good product for peace of mind.

best gun safe buy
written by firebelly on March 19, 2014
Excellent value for the money. Quality construction and materials. Will buy another.

Revolution 12
written by no on December 3, 2013
Five Stars for this Revolution Safe

Quality, Service.... Liberty
written by K. Mathison on November 27, 2013
With lots to choose from. I didn't know where to start. I looked at safes at our gun show, I even looked at Costco and Sportsman's warehouse. My friend has three Liberty Safes and recommended them. I found a dealer not far from where I live and went to check them out. Liberty Safe Outlet in Hubbard OR is run by a father and son, they were the nicest guys and answered every stupid question I had about safes! :) After I picked out the one I wanted they delivered it "for free" and set it up. Thank you guys!

Great safe
written by Purchased from Liberty Safe of Oregon on August 25, 2013
Perfect entry level safe. You'll want to bolt it down.

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